The church in Panciu has been established since 2002.

Cris has led the Panciu Baptist Church from the beginning. Originally they met in a room in his house, however right from the start they overflowed into the entrance hall and then onto another room.

After many years he was able to build a bigger place to meet and they moved into their current building during 2012. However, they are now outgrowing that and sometimes the children have to sit on the stairs.

At last they have been able to buy a plot of land near the town centre and work has started on the new building. Once the foundations are ready the Moldovan Bible Mission () hope to put up the shell of the building.

It will be a big job and take a while, being in the town centre will be an asset.

Open at Last!

After seventeen years of meeting in Cris and Lidia’s house, Panciu Baptist Church now has a new purpose-built home of it’s own.
The inauguration service was on Sunday 24th November, 2019. The full story can be found in our Autumn 2019 newsletter