The Baptist Church in Haret is the newest of the churches that we go to.

When the church was started there was just one Christian family in the village and 2 single ladies. Other families have started to come along, encouraged by the children who form most of the congregation.

The building is not quite complete yet; they are planning to put a porch on the front of it.

The inside is finished though, and has been in use for about two years. There is a small flat built on to the back, and this was intended to be used by the minister in the future; they don't have one yet.

At present the church is run by Chris, who is also the pastor of the Baptist Church in Panciu.

For the time being, the flat is being used by a young family who needed a place to live while they build a home of their own.

All the Haret families that attend the Baptist Church had been visited by the local Orthodox priest. He told them firmly not to go there, not to associate with Cris or any other Baptists. He threatened them with dire consequences if they did. The threats didn’t stop any of them.