We can take both new and secondhand items as listed below.
Please check below regarding acceptance of secondhand items - Contact Us us if in doubt, thanks.

These things can be new or secondhand.....

Bags – shopping bags, rucksacks, holdalls, transparent plastic bags.
Beds – single, bunk, cot, sofa-bed, Z-bed – must be clean and in good condition. No double or king-size beds please.
Bedding – single and double, but double size is especially welcome because we never get enough of it. Sheets, especially flat sheets, pillows and pillow-cases, blankets, duvets, and duvet covers. Must be clean. No cot bedding; they don’t have cots.
Boots, shoes, slippers, sandals – If used, must be sturdy, very clean and in good condition.
Building materials – doors, small windows, roofing, wood, and other simple materials for building houses. Also basic tools. Paint.
Clothes for adults – all sorts! Costume jewellery. Must be clean and in good condition.
Clothes for children over 3 years old – WE NEVER GET ENOUGH CLOTHES FOR CHILDREN!
Educational goods – exercise books, pencils, pens, crayons.
Furniture –small furniture is sometimes useful; please phone and ask us because some furniture is not useful in Romania, and some does not travel well. Cupboards, chests of drawers, dining chairs and tables are needed.
Household goods – crockery, cutlery, saucepans (especially BIG pans), towels, rugs, irons, mirrors, clocks, spindriers, etc. Anything electrical must be in perfect working order. Christmas trees & decorations.
Mattresses – Standard sizes. Must be clean and in good condition.
Medical –wheelchairs, crutches, zimmer frames, walking sticks, plasters, bandages. We can’t take any kind of tablets, medicines, creams, etc. Ear defenders.
Money – without this, we cannot pay for the lorry to take all the other goods. Cash, cheques, (payable to LRCA), trust-fund vouchers etc.. If you are a tax-payer we can reclaim a further 25% of your donation from the Inland Revenue at no extra cost to you.
Socks and tights – we never get enough to meet the needs.
Toys for children over 3 years old – Nothing that requires a knowledge of the English language. Educational toys are particularly useful. Must be clean, complete and in working order.

These things must be new.....

Clothes for children under 3 years old
Toiletries – basic toiletries only. Soap, shampoo, conditioner, toilet rolls, sanitary towels, toothpaste, toothbrushes. NO AEROSOLS. Must be well within use-by date.
Toys for children under 3 years old
Underwearmust be new for ALL age groups.