Many people have told us that they would rather buy a secondhand bike from us than buy a new Romanian-made bike in another local shop.

This is not because they want to help a charity; even after a number of years many people still don’t understand that we are a charity shop! They have never seen one elsewhere and just cannot grasp the idea of giving the profit away. They want to buy from us because our bikes are generally a better quality than locally-made bikes.

Bikes are displayed in our back room at the shop, a room that we had built a few years ago because we were short of space. All bikes are serviced before they go to Romania, and they are checked and adjusted for each customer.

Bikes are used a lot by people who don’t have a car and maybe don’t need a big thing like a horse and cart.

We also give some bikes free to people who need them in order to get to work. They have to prove a need.